Effective banner design includes a great headline

4 Ingredients to Effective Banner Design

We recently discussed the importance of simplicity in sign design. The same holds true for effective banner design. Businesses have almost endless opportunities for banner use. From interior to exterior applications, trade shows to product launches, events and street pole displays, effective banners are versatile, impactful, and flexible. They serve as a constant visual reminder to everyone who sees them!


The following ingredients are key in effective banner design:

Great Headline

Any effective banner starts with a headline. Make it short and to the point. Whether you’re building brand awareness, reinforcing your brand, informing of products or services, or calling your audience to action, make your headline inviting and interesting.


Simple Focus

Just as in car wrap design, effective banner design can’t tell your whole story. While you probably do a lot of amazing things and offer many great products, your banner won’t keep people’s attention if it includes too much information. Instead, list your top 2-4 products or services. Or better yet, focus on one thing and drive them to your store, booth, or website to learn more.


Eye-Catching Colors

Before someone can act on your message, they must see your message. Eye-catching colors in high contrast make this process much easier for the viewer. This simply means the words should stand out against the background. If you’re unsure which colors are highest contrast, consider the following:

  • White letters on a dark background
  • Dark letters on a white background

Wayfinding is a fascinating study about the ways people navigate the world. With signage, it’s all about the relationship between people, signs, and architecture.


Effective banner design includes eye-catching colors

Easy-to-Read Fonts

The fonts you use matter. It might be tempting to use a unique font on your banner. Unfortunately, many of these font options are difficult to read, especially at a distance. And if people can’t read your sign, they can’t act on whatever it is you’re sharing. Additionally, squishing your words together or spacing letters too far apart makes your banner difficult to read. For the most effective banner, keep your font simple!

Effective banner design includes easy to read fonts

Banners are powerful marketing tools.

Any size is possible, they work well both indoors and out, and last for years. Turnaround time is quick and we can arrange installation. When you follow these 4 key ingredients to effective banner design, your viewers will see your sign, take notice, and most likely act on what you offer.

Micah Dear