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3 Strategies for Effective Event Banners

What are Event Banners?

Event banners are large, eye-catching displays used to promote events and businesses. They can be made from a variety of materials such as vinyl, canvas, or fabric and come in a range of sizes and shapes. Event banners are often used at trade shows, conventions, festivals, and other public gatherings to draw attention to the event or business being promoted.

They can also be used on your building or current signage to announce a grand opening, promotion, or new product or offering. And at events as eye-grabbing verticals, backdrops, or tabletop banners.


Key Benefits of Event Banners

You can get many benefits from event banners, especially if you’re looking to increase your visibility and reach potential customers. Their full-color design can be used to advertise special offers or promotions, create brand awareness, and draw attention to your booth or event space. Additionally, they are cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising such as radio or television commercials. And turnaround time from ideation to creation is quick. (We only take a day or two to create your banner from when we receive your final design files.)


Strategies for Effective Event Banners

When designing an effective event banner there are several strategies that you should take into consideration.

1. Choose a design that is eye-catching and stands out from the crowd.

If you’re attending an event, your banner must grab people’s attention. Maybe it’s taller, the colors more contrasting, or the content is more engaging. An experienced designer can make all the difference in your banner creation! Learn the 4 ingredients for effective banner design here.

2. Use text and color to your best advantage.

You want to catch someone’s eye from across the room, across the street, or in the middle of a crowd, so make sure the text is easy to read from a distance. Don’t be “creative” with fonts. Save that for your use of color or imagery. Clean simple fonts are best for sign design. There’s no purpose in a banner that people can’t read or understand.

Use colors that will attract attention without being too overwhelming. With full-color printing available on banners, you can use a variety of colors strategically. But always make sure that your fonts are easy to read in front of whatever color or imagery you use.

You can learn more about effective use of font and color here.

3. Include a simple call to action.

You want potential customers to get in touch with you after seeing your banner. Whether it’s finding your booth, taking part in your sale, picking up a brochure, or contacting you for more information, make it clear what you want people to do after seeing your banner.

Learn more about why your banner’s first impression matters here.


Choosing the Right Material for Your Event Banner

The material you choose for your banner will depend on its intended use and budget constraints. Vinyl is one of the most popular materials because of its durability and affordability. It’s waterproof and heavy enough to withstand Portland’s wind and rain all winter. And vinyl event banners are easy to store so you can use them year after year.

Canvas banners are available but this material is more expensive and its use is limited to indoors.

We recommend businesses use vinyl banners for events. Not only are they more affordable and durable, they’re available in almost any size imaginable. Choose from common sizing like 4’x8 and 6’x3’ to 20’x40’ or pop up banners and event backdrop banners. Learn more about what’s possible on our banners page.


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